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It is with great regret that we were forced to cancel our upcoming tour dates due to personal circumstances that have come about.   We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and hope to be back on the road soon.




So we’re in the middle of prepping our new songs before we head into the studio in May. If all goes well our debut LP will be out later this summer! We’ve also started booking a Western US/West Coast tour scheduled for July/August.

Oh, and we have a couple Omaha area shows coming up!

3/25 @ The Waiting Room (Omaha NE) w/ The Envy Corps, My Pal Dragon, Lonely Estates, & MPC


4/23 @ Stir Live & Loud (Council Bluffs IA) w/ Kite Pilot

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We’ve got some local festival and Midwest tour dates in the works starting with the Nebraska Pop Festival in September–

September 17: Nebraska Pop Festival @ PS Collective (Omaha NE)

October 1: Lincoln Calling @ 12th Street Pub (Lincoln NE)

October 9: Stir Live & Loud w/ Bear Country (Council Bluffs IA)

October 14: Gabe’s w/ TBA (Iowa City IA)

October 15: Rachael’s w/ My Pal Dragon (Bloomington IN)

October 16: Venue TBA w/ The 1959 Hat Co. (Columbus OH)

October 17: Venue TBA (Chicagoland)

October 18: Venue TBA (Chicago IL)

Without further ado…

Day show at Cherrywood Coffee

It's True at Lovey's Loot

Town Lake as seen from the Holiday Inn parking garage

The van ride home

Fort Worth as seen from I-35W

350 miles down, only 800 more to go

Check back soon for more pics from the road!. We’ve got a few more “exciting” trips coming up.


We uncovered a secret stash of pix from our trip to Austin last March.  So without further ado…

Mammoth Life practice space in Lawrence

The Flint Hills north of Wichita

Manmade lake in Kansas

The Eight Track Museum in Denton, TX

Eight Track Museum

Bucks Burnett with the world's largest 8-track

The Bible on 8-track

Loitering in Denton

Vocal isochamber at Sundayhouse Studio in Bastrop, TX



Stephen and Kacynna in the Sundayhouse control room

Alex lounging at Sundayhouse


Will laying down a guitar track

Insert Geico Gecko comment here

Sundayhouse control room

Sundayhouse progress chart

Cupcake truck on Sixth Street in Austin

Sorry we’ve been so quiet in the blogosphere in recent weeks.  We really haven’t had a whole lot to crow about, because we’ve just been working on new material for our forthcoming full-length debut in our new lair.  However, we do have a few shows coming up, so we thought we would let the world know.  Here ya go:

Friday 6/11 @ O’Leaver’s Pub w/My Pal Dragon, D.L. Diedrich, and She’s the Fastest.   My Pal Dragon is Matt Hutton’s solo set, and he’ll be here all the way from his new stomping grounds in Indiana.  Come out and give him a big ol’ bear hug!  You know you’ve missed him as much as we have.

Matt "The Fucking" Hutton


Friday, 6/18 @ The Replay, Lawrence, KS.  This will be a fun one with two brand-new Lawrence bands (at least brand new to us): Muscle Worship and Weather is Happening.  Yeah…Thunder Power and Weather is Happening.  A meteorological theme.  We get it too.

Saturday 6/19 @ Urban Outfitters, Lawrence, KS.  This one will be a 3 pm’er and will mark our first-ever in-store at a non-record-store store.  Yeah bitches!!!

Friday 6/25 @ The Slowdown w/Mates of State.  Mates of State are incredible.  And that’s simply that.

We also have some exciting happenings in the works for the rest of the summer, including a Colorado mini-tour!!!  Also, check back here for more SXSW pics and more super-cute pics plucked from the internet, such as this macaque that is enjoying a banana:

Screw you, asshole! I'm a macaque, not a monkey. But thanks for the banana!



Well, ladies and germs, our big SXSW trip is finally almost here!  Unfortunately, as we all remember from, say, the countdown to Christmas in our formative years, the last days are the most agonizing.  We’re having trouble keeping ourselves from peeing our pantaloons out of sheer excitement.  Oh well, only 11 more days ’till we hit the road for Lawrence and then Denton and Austin.

In the meantime, we’ve been working hard fine-tuning our new tunes and polishing the oldies-but-goodies.  The song using the electronic tanpura has been titled “Make Up Your Mind” and is sounding groovy as hell, and “Your Pretty Face”, another new one, is pretty solid as well.  “Two Fins” is the third in our trio of the newest of the new, and it is dreamy but intense in evil ways that your mother told you never to even think about.   What the fuck does that even mean, you ask?  Well, it opens our new setlist and you’ll have to come to one of the following shows to find out:

  • Sunday 3/7, O’Leaver’s Pub, Omaha
  • Friday 3/12, The Replay, Lawrence
  • Sunday 3/14, NX35 @ Jupiter House Coffee, Denton
  • Tuesday 3/16, The Parlor, Austin
  • Saturday 3/20, Lovey’s Loot, Austin (afternoon show)
  • Saturday 3/20, SXSW @ Mi Casa Cantina, Austin

Thunder Power Saturday 3/20 @ Mi Casa Cantina


Last Saturday, Alex and I set out to find a nice backup guitar for me. You see, I plagued myself by writing “Take a Hike” in an alternate tuning (well, just drop-D) that also requires a capo. This leads to some massive tuning issues and thus wastes time on stage.

Who likes awkward pauses? If you’ve ever seen us live, it might appear that we do, but we really don’t.

So, to make the live show run as smooth as possible, I had it in my mind that I’d pick up a Mexican-made Stratocaster or Telecaster to keep in permanent “Take a Hike” tuning. I was thinking a Mexican Fender because I wanted something  relatively cheap but of good quality. Anyway, we hit up Lidgett Music in Council Bluffs and wound up holing up there for, like, four hours! I played many guitars and wound up walking out of there with a brand new American Special Telecaster. I went a few hundred dollars north of my price range, for sure.

Olympic White American Special Telecaster

But I know in the long run I’ll be more than happy with my new Tele, which has since fell into the role of being my “main guitar,” leaving my lovely Gibson SG capo-gagged and oddly tuned for the sole purpose of playing “Take a Hike.”

It’s a little sad.

For nerdy purposes, here are some specs on my new tele:

-Alder body
-Maple neck
-Gloss Urethane finish
-Jumbo frets
-Vintage-style three-brass-saddle strings-through-body Telecaster bridge