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Here’s our summer tour dates. We are going to the beach at least, like, 100 times. B-)

7/15: Omaha NE @ Barley Street Tavern
7/20: Lawrence KS @ Replay Lounge
7/21: Wichita KS @ Kirby’s Beer Store
7/22: Denton TX @ Andy’s Bar
7/23: Austin TX @ Remeo’s
7/25: Albuquerque NM @ Burt’s Tiki Lounge
7/26: Mesa AZ @ The Underground
7/27: Pasadena CA @ The Terrace
7/28: Los Angeles CA @ Good Hurt
7/29: San Diego CA @ Le Stats
7/30: San Luis Obispo CA @ Frog & Peach
7/31: San Francisco CA @ Brainwash Café
8/02: Sacramento CA @ Marilyn’s on K
8/03: Eugene OR @ Luckey’s Club Cigar Store
8/04: Portland OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
8/05: Seattle WA @ Café Venus/Mars Bar
8/06: Spokane WA @ TBA
8/07: Boise ID @ Bouquet Bar
8/08: Salt Lake City UT @ Kilby Court
8/09: Denver CO @ G&G House (Backforty Presents)
8/11: Omaha NE @ Nebraska Pop Festival
Other news:
Our album is scheduled to be mixed the week before we leave for tour. That means we will be mastering it when we get back and releasing it after that. FINALLY! Also also also! One of the tracks is heading to for an upcoming compilation CD. Kewl.
Hope to you you at one of our shows.

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting on a red faux suede couch in the control room inside the B Room at ARC Studios here in Omaha, NE. Ian is playing an authentic Hammond organ, and about to track his part on one of our new songs that will be on our upcoming album. The cell phone photo below is of my current view.

The big news is that with less than two days left, we’ve finally reached — and surpassed — our $2,000 goal! Thanks to everyone who’s donated to our campaign over the last several weeks and a special thanks to Marm, who just donated $500. Wow. You all are so kind. We’re so fortunate to have so many wonderful friends, fans and family to support us.

And Marm, whoever you are, you’re beautiful — and we totally owe you a song!

Now back to making our record.


-will & all of Thunder Power

All of us in Thunder Power are happy to say we’re finally ready to record our debut full length. We already have time booked with AJ Mogis at world-class ARC Studios in Omaha this May, but as you all might know funding such an endeavor isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it costs thousands of dollars.

So we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign with a $2,000 goal in hopes to raise some funds to lighten the financial burden.

If you have a few dollars to spare, we humbly request that you consider backing our project!

Check out the official Kickstarter project page HERE.

For $10 you’re basically pre-ordering the new album before it’s national release (late July)! Not a bad deal, right?

The rest of the donation rewards:

  • $5 gets you a digital pre-release download of a single from the new album.
  • $10 gets you a digital download of the complete album when it’s done, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $25 gets you our Love Yourself CD, Friend Ships CD, thank you in the liner notes, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $50 gets you our Hearts Intersect vinyl plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $75 gets you a vinyl copy of the new album when it’s done plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $100 gets you a stuffed animal handmade by Kacynna, a t-shirt hand-silkscreened by Will, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $500 gets you a customized song written and recorded by all of us in Thunder Power just for you! It can be about anything you want and in whatever style you want. You also get all the rewards from lower levels.

As a taste of what you can expect on the upcoming album, check out our Love Drunk Studio version of our new track ‘Night Creatures.’

So we’re in the middle of prepping our new songs before we head into the studio in May. If all goes well our debut LP will be out later this summer! We’ve also started booking a Western US/West Coast tour scheduled for July/August.

Oh, and we have a couple Omaha area shows coming up!

3/25 @ The Waiting Room (Omaha NE) w/ The Envy Corps, My Pal Dragon, Lonely Estates, & MPC


4/23 @ Stir Live & Loud (Council Bluffs IA) w/ Kite Pilot

two videos that relate to thunder power:


here we have kacynna and jeremy riffing around on an idea. this was recorded with a blackberry. a simple child’s toy was used to create that “bug’s eye view” effect. all bugs must live in a psychedelic nightmare.


here we are featured in the video called “full spectrum.” it’s for the mercedes-benz mixed-tape best-of 2010 top-10 songs, voter-picked. pretty cool. we will receive €150 for this. “take a hike” lives on and on and on.


We recorded a video about a week ago at the New Blk gallery in downtown Omaha. The vehicle that made it happen was Love Drunk–kind of like a portable version of Daytrotter featuring audio AND video. Cool stuff. Anyways, here’s the live and raw and fun debut of our new song “Night Creatures.”

The video’s debut was part of the launch of Fuck yeah.

makin’ makin’ makin’ music. new stuff new stuff new stuff in the works. year in year in year in review up soon. in the mean in the mean in the mean time check out check out check

A few things to mention this week:

For one, our 10/14/10 set from our show at Rachael’s Cafe in Bloomington IN is available for free download via LO-FI SHOWCASE. Live and raw. Meow.

Also, TP member Will Silvey Simons (er, that’s me) will play a couple solo tunes tomorrow night at Daily Grub restaurant. Should be a fun, intimate experience. A slew of Slumber Party artists will also perform as well as sets by Alex McManus and Simon Joyner. Get there early for a delish vegan dish! Tickets and more info:


ps–here’s a peek of the weather here right now:

10/14/10: We drove away from the setting sun towards Iowa City. I-80 semi trucks led the way. We played to only a few people at Gabe’s, even though we had a nice show preview in The Daily Iowan. We spent the night in a hotel.

10/15/10: We drove several hours to get to Bloomington, Indiana, passing through Midwestern city after Midwestern city (Terre Haute, Indiana below).

The last few miles rolling into Bloomington along Highway 46 were especially pleasant.

After some dinner courtesy of Matt Hutton (aka My Pal Dragon), we all headed to Racheal’s Cafe for the show, including an improv set courtesy of Alex and Jeremy.

Next up: My Pal Dragon.

Obviously, we all enjoyed hearing Matt play, including this song:

10/16/10: We woke early-ish and had breakfast at this cafe-diner with a a bathtub-turned-fish tank in the bathroom.

We said goodbye to our friends and embarked on another long drive towards Madison, Wisconsin.

Our show at Mickey’s Tavern went well. We played with this band called Flight.

That night, we once again stayed with our good friend Nick (of Icarus Himself) and his wife Katie. They made us Mexican food and engaged us in debate.

Yeah, but whatever!

10/17/10: On to Chicago…

…including a decent show at the Subterranean.

10/18/10: The last day of tour equaled the best show of the tour. We opened for Joan of Arc at the Empty Bottle. Pretty fantastic experience. We love you, Chicago. (Thanks to Rick for taking some photos.)

Joan of Arc-y stuff:


Well, we just got back from a recent tour of the Midwest. We stopped by two cities we’ve never been to before (Iowa City IA and Bloomington IN) and had great shows in some familiar haunts (Madison WI and Chicago). The highlight of the trip? Opening for Joan of Arc at the Empty Bottle no doubt! Best of all, we’ll be playing with them again next weekend here in Omaha at the Slowdown, along with our friends and label mates Bear Country.

Also, hanging out with TP founding member Matt Hutton (aka My Pal Dragon) in Bloomington was a treat, including a brief reunion for our song ‘Heartifact’:

We’ll be sure to post some more photos and *maybe* even a video from our recent tour in the coming days.

A few other quick notes:

-We were nominated for at 2010 Omaha Arts & Entertainment Award for Best Alternative/Indie group. Very cool–our first nomination!

-We were also just featured in the ‘Salsa Powered’ section on the Brooklyn Salsa Company website. Check it out!

-A second edit of our video for ‘Home Office’ video should be up in a few days.

And remember kids: