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All of us in Thunder Power are happy to say we’re finally ready to record our debut full length. We already have time booked with AJ Mogis at world-class ARC Studios in Omaha this May, but as you all might know funding such an endeavor isn’t exactly cheap. In fact, it costs thousands of dollars.

So we’ve started a Kickstarter campaign with a $2,000 goal in hopes to raise some funds to lighten the financial burden.

If you have a few dollars to spare, we humbly request that you consider backing our project!

Check out the official Kickstarter project page HERE.

For $10 you’re basically pre-ordering the new album before it’s national release (late July)! Not a bad deal, right?

The rest of the donation rewards:

  • $5 gets you a digital pre-release download of a single from the new album.
  • $10 gets you a digital download of the complete album when it’s done, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $25 gets you our Love Yourself CD, Friend Ships CD, thank you in the liner notes, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $50 gets you our Hearts Intersect vinyl plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $75 gets you a vinyl copy of the new album when it’s done plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $100 gets you a stuffed animal handmade by Kacynna, a t-shirt hand-silkscreened by Will, plus all rewards from lower levels.
  • $500 gets you a customized song written and recorded by all of us in Thunder Power just for you! It can be about anything you want and in whatever style you want. You also get all the rewards from lower levels.

As a taste of what you can expect on the upcoming album, check out our Love Drunk Studio version of our new track ‘Night Creatures.’


10/14/10: We drove away from the setting sun towards Iowa City. I-80 semi trucks led the way. We played to only a few people at Gabe’s, even though we had a nice show preview in The Daily Iowan. We spent the night in a hotel.

10/15/10: We drove several hours to get to Bloomington, Indiana, passing through Midwestern city after Midwestern city (Terre Haute, Indiana below).

The last few miles rolling into Bloomington along Highway 46 were especially pleasant.

After some dinner courtesy of Matt Hutton (aka My Pal Dragon), we all headed to Racheal’s Cafe for the show, including an improv set courtesy of Alex and Jeremy.

Next up: My Pal Dragon.

Obviously, we all enjoyed hearing Matt play, including this song:

10/16/10: We woke early-ish and had breakfast at this cafe-diner with a a bathtub-turned-fish tank in the bathroom.

We said goodbye to our friends and embarked on another long drive towards Madison, Wisconsin.

Our show at Mickey’s Tavern went well. We played with this band called Flight.

That night, we once again stayed with our good friend Nick (of Icarus Himself) and his wife Katie. They made us Mexican food and engaged us in debate.

Yeah, but whatever!

10/17/10: On to Chicago…

…including a decent show at the Subterranean.

10/18/10: The last day of tour equaled the best show of the tour. We opened for Joan of Arc at the Empty Bottle. Pretty fantastic experience. We love you, Chicago. (Thanks to Rick for taking some photos.)

Joan of Arc-y stuff:


Polishing up a new riff for a new song. Rehearsal is exciting, no?

Has it been a year already since the debut Nebraska Pop Festival? Damn. How old am I now, 28? Wow. (Everyone younger reading this is like, “Dude, you’re almost 30 and getting fat and boring. How’s working in a cubicle treating you, jerk-off? Party on you fucking pansy!” And I say, “I don’t work in a cubicle, thank you very much. Now I have to go cut the grass before it gets dark.” While those older offer bitter spats referencing half-forgotten experiences: “Son, when I was 28 we didn’t have the internets and cell phones. If we wanted to hear new music, we turned on the AM. If we wanted to watch cute videos of cats, we had to tune into Bob Saget on ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ every week…” “Yeah, yeah, whatever dude,” I say, rolling these green eyes of mine.)

But  yeah. Anyway. I’m totally looking forward to this year’s Nebraska Pop Festival. We’re playing on Friday, September 17 at the Pizza Shoppe Collective here in Omaha. I just got a shipment of zines (which I helped to produce) from festival curator Christopher and a fleet of other NPF loot. It’s all DIY, so you know everyone’s heart is in the right place. This is for the love of pop music, its artists and its fans.

The zine is distributed all around the cultural hotspots of Omaha. It serves to both promote the festival and act as a guide. Most of the content was provided by the performers, so the overall editorial voice is very free flowing and collaborative, albeit a bit spastic. It’s even Commander Troi- and Commander Riker-approved, although Deanna’s tricorder apparently picked up no signs of any life forms…

Maybe they should just download the Nebraska Pop Festival digital mixtape here to get a more multi-media friendly NPF experience.

Here’s the full lineup via the Nebraska Pop Festival MySpace:

The Nebraska Pop Festival 2010 – official list of bands/artists performing

Saturday, August 28th (pre-festival show) @ Barley Street Tavern. Official start time 8:00PM with end time approximately 1:30AM (This show is 5 USD at the door) *21+

1. The Love Technicians (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. The Sleepover (Lincoln, Nebraska)
3. Platte River Rain (Omaha, Nebraska)
4. Mumford’s (Ames, Iowa)
5. I Am The Navigator (Lincoln, Nebraska)
6. The Renfields (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Wednesday, September 15th NIGHT ONE @ Barley Street Tavern. Official start time 8:00PM with end time approximately 1:30AM (This show is 5 USD at the door) *21+

1. Panda Face (Lincoln, Nebraska)
2. You’re So Cool (Gainesville, Florida)
3. Cleemann (solo) (Copenhagen, Denmark)
4. Coney Island (Madison, Wisconsin)
5. The Bedsit Infamy (Denver, Colorado)

Thursday, September 16th NIGHT TWO @ Barley Street Tavern. Official start time 8:00PM with end time approximately 1:30AM (This show is 5 USD at the door) *21+

1. You Don’t Know Me (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Normandie Wilson (San Diego, California)
3. Boy Of Bark (Salt Lake City, Utah)
4. Dexter Poindexter (Wheeling, Illinois)
5. Electric Needle Room (Kansas City, Kansas)
*6. Pezzettino (Brooklyn, New York)

Friday, September 17th NIGHT THREE @ The Pizza Shoppe Collective. Official start time 7:00PM with end time approximately 1:30AM (This show is 5 USD at the door) *ALL AGES

1. Floating Opera (Lincoln, Nebraska)
2. Gilbe (Des Moines, Iowa & Chicago, Illinois)
3. Kissing Party (Denver, Colorado)
4. The Mother Z’s (Chicago, Illinois)
5. Seaside Stars (Berlin, Germany)
6. Alone With Everybody (Toulouse, France)
7. Thunder Power (Omaha, Nebraska)

Saturday, September 18th NIGHT FOUR @ The Pizza Shoppe Collective. Official start time 7:00PM with end time approximately 1:30AM (This show is 5 USD at the door) *ALL AGES

1. Eric In Outerspace (Omaha, Nebraska)
2. Mammoth Life (Lawrence, Kansas)
3. Matty Cries (Seattle, Washington)
4. Paris When It Sizzles! (Omaha, Nebraska)
5. James and the Express (Olympia, Washington)
6. Doug Hoyer (Edmonton, Canada)
7. Maid Marian (Iowa City, Iowa)

Sunday, September 19th FINAL NIGHT @ The Sydney. Official start time 7:00PM with end time approximately 1:30AM (This show is 5 USD at the door) *21+

1. Paper City (Long Beach, California)
2. Cleemann *full band (Denmark/Omaha & Lincoln Nebraska)
3. Modes of Resuscitation (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
4. Spencer McGillicutty *joined by Omaha’s Frank Lightell (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
5. The Homestories (Winterthur, Switzerland)
6. The Wandering Bears (Iowa City, Iowa)

* = Band addition

I hope to see some fresh faces at these shows.


Summer fades to fall. Fall reminds me of when I was in school. When I was in school, high school in particular, I listened to an incredible amount of ’80s Brit Pop. Ah all those Smiths tapes I still have, only recognizable because they’re the ones with the song titles and all other text completely worn off from extensive play. Although a band I’ve only immersed myself in recently, The Field Mice have a song called “Emma’s House.” It’s a fitting prelude to the forthcoming burnt leaves and soggy black earth, dark clothes kept darker by trusty hoodies.

Yeah, there are no harbors in Omaha. But I pass so many houses and apartments that are former residences of friends. I still think of these places is if my friends still lived there. Why do I call it “Emma’s House” when Emma doesn’t live there anymore? Brilliant stuff.


We uncovered a secret stash of pix from our trip to Austin last March.  So without further ado…

Mammoth Life practice space in Lawrence

The Flint Hills north of Wichita

Manmade lake in Kansas

The Eight Track Museum in Denton, TX

Eight Track Museum

Bucks Burnett with the world's largest 8-track

The Bible on 8-track

Loitering in Denton

Vocal isochamber at Sundayhouse Studio in Bastrop, TX



Stephen and Kacynna in the Sundayhouse control room

Alex lounging at Sundayhouse


Will laying down a guitar track

Insert Geico Gecko comment here

Sundayhouse control room

Sundayhouse progress chart

Cupcake truck on Sixth Street in Austin

This video is from a Liverpool-based band called Wave Machines. They are one of my favorite groups of recent years. This particular track is called “The Greatest Escape We Ever Made,” off of their 2009 debut LP “Wave If You’re Really There.” I was lucky enough to pick up a copy and also catch them live this past week in Austin. If they’re playing anywhere near you, check them out!


Can you spot our naturally-camouflaged new pal?

Before heading to Austin for SXSW, we stopped at Sundayhouse where we laid down three tracks in anticipation of our forthcoming full-length (more on that later.)  We received the royal treatment from our new friends Stephen and Phoebe Ceresia, and the session went exceptionally well considering the relatively limited time we had to work with.  We recorded Spiraling Sky and Two Fins, both of which are brand new, as well as Bite Marks, which has been around for a while but has previously only gotten studio attention at Daytrotter.  The tracks are currently in post-production and are not yet ready for public dissemination, but all three are in our current set and will be performed at our next show at the PS Collective in Omaha on March 31st.

Sundayhouse is a fantastic studio in a 150-year-old house in historic Bastrop, Texas.  The house was originally built in the 1850s and was first owned by the Mathis family, and in the last few years the Ceresias have more than doubled the size of the house with an addition that contains a state-of-the-art control room, a vocal iso-chamber, and a living room/recording space with a cathedral ceiling to promote ideal acoustics for recording.  The original part of the house features the original wood floors, ceilings, and walls, and two bedrooms with accomodations for up to five musicians.  And, not to be overlooked is the amazing cooking of Phoebe and Stephen, which was not only incredibly delicious but contained enough nutrients to keep us sustained through Austin and back home to Omaha.  We have recorded in some first-rate studios before but never experienced anything quite like this.

Here are some selections from our Bastrop photo gallery:

Alex, Phoebe, Stephen, Ian, Kacynna, Will, Jeremy

Jeremy hard at work

Chicken coop in the back yard

Antebellum mansion next door

Pastoral beauty just down the street

Old-time soda fountain on Main St. in downtown Bastrop

Sundayhouse AKA Mathis House

Check back soon for the full report from SXSW and NX35!


Under the Radar, or I guess I should more specifically say, offered a few kind words about our latest single, “Heartifact.”

Check out what they wrote:

“Omaha indie-pop quintet Thunder Power are set to release their fourth EP via Slumber Party Records on March 2nd. The promisng band will split the Hearts Intersect EP with the Toledo-based outfit, The 1959 Hat Co. Today we’ve got the premiere of the sunny rocker “Heartifact.” Check out the soulful twee-pop cut above. Fact: you’ll be humming its main melody throughout the day. Tour dates can be found here. Also, TP recently stopped by the Daytrotter studio for a session.”

Thanks, UtR, for pumping our “soulful twee-pop.” Oh yeah, that’s probably going right to the press quotes bin.

Click here for a link to the blurb.