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two videos that relate to thunder power:


here we have kacynna and jeremy riffing around on an idea. this was recorded with a blackberry. a simple child’s toy was used to create that “bug’s eye view” effect. all bugs must live in a psychedelic nightmare.


here we are featured in the video called “full spectrum.” it’s for the mercedes-benz mixed-tape best-of 2010 top-10 songs, voter-picked. pretty cool. we will receive €150 for this. “take a hike” lives on and on and on.



We are pleased to announce that our track “Take a Hike” has been voted (by fans no less!) as #9 in the top 10 tracks from the 2010 Mercedes-Benz Mixed-Tape series. There were a TON of great bands that participated this year, so to be among the most popular is quite flattering. Now if only we can snag an OEA Award our careers will be complete!