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Just came across this video put together by Ingrained Productions. It’s from our show at the Slowdown last October when we played with Bear Country and Joan of Arc.¬†Thanks Andrew!


Well, we just got back from a recent tour of the Midwest. We stopped by two cities we’ve never been to before (Iowa City IA and Bloomington IN) and had great shows in some familiar haunts (Madison WI and Chicago). The highlight of the trip? Opening for Joan of Arc at the Empty Bottle no doubt! Best of all, we’ll be playing with them again next weekend here in Omaha at the Slowdown, along with our friends and label mates Bear Country.

Also, hanging out with TP founding member Matt Hutton (aka My Pal Dragon) in Bloomington was a treat, including a brief reunion for our song ‘Heartifact’:

We’ll be sure to post some more photos and *maybe* even a video from our recent tour in the coming days.

A few other quick notes:

-We were nominated for at 2010 Omaha Arts & Entertainment Award for Best Alternative/Indie group. Very cool–our first nomination!

-We were also just featured in the ‘Salsa Powered’ section on the Brooklyn Salsa Company website. Check it out!

-A second edit of our video for ‘Home Office’ video should be up in a few days.

And remember kids: