10/14/10: We drove away from the setting sun towards Iowa City. I-80 semi trucks led the way. We played to only a few people at Gabe’s, even though we had a nice show preview in The Daily Iowan. We spent the night in a hotel.

10/15/10: We drove several hours to get to Bloomington, Indiana, passing through Midwestern city after Midwestern city (Terre Haute, Indiana below).

The last few miles rolling into Bloomington along Highway 46 were especially pleasant.

After some dinner courtesy of Matt Hutton (aka My Pal Dragon), we all headed to Racheal’s Cafe for the show, including an improv set courtesy of Alex and Jeremy.

Next up: My Pal Dragon.

Obviously, we all enjoyed hearing Matt play, including this song:

10/16/10: We woke early-ish and had breakfast at this cafe-diner with a a bathtub-turned-fish tank in the bathroom.

We said goodbye to our friends and embarked on another long drive towards Madison, Wisconsin.

Our show at Mickey’s Tavern went well. We played with this band called Flight.

That night, we once again stayed with our good friend Nick (of Icarus Himself) and his wife Katie. They made us Mexican food and engaged us in debate.

Yeah, but whatever!

10/17/10: On to Chicago…

…including a decent show at the Subterranean.

10/18/10: The last day of tour equaled the best show of the tour. We opened for Joan of Arc at the Empty Bottle. Pretty fantastic experience. We love you, Chicago. (Thanks to Rick for taking some photos.)

Joan of Arc-y stuff: