Sorry we’ve been so quiet in the blogosphere in recent weeks.  We really haven’t had a whole lot to crow about, because we’ve just been working on new material for our forthcoming full-length debut in our new lair.  However, we do have a few shows coming up, so we thought we would let the world know.  Here ya go:

Friday 6/11 @ O’Leaver’s Pub w/My Pal Dragon, D.L. Diedrich, and She’s the Fastest.   My Pal Dragon is Matt Hutton’s solo set, and he’ll be here all the way from his new stomping grounds in Indiana.  Come out and give him a big ol’ bear hug!  You know you’ve missed him as much as we have.

Matt "The Fucking" Hutton


Friday, 6/18 @ The Replay, Lawrence, KS.  This will be a fun one with two brand-new Lawrence bands (at least brand new to us): Muscle Worship and Weather is Happening.  Yeah…Thunder Power and Weather is Happening.  A meteorological theme.  We get it too.

Saturday 6/19 @ Urban Outfitters, Lawrence, KS.  This one will be a 3 pm’er and will mark our first-ever in-store at a non-record-store store.  Yeah bitches!!!

Friday 6/25 @ The Slowdown w/Mates of State.  Mates of State are incredible.  And that’s simply that.

We also have some exciting happenings in the works for the rest of the summer, including a Colorado mini-tour!!!  Also, check back here for more SXSW pics and more super-cute pics plucked from the internet, such as this macaque that is enjoying a banana:

Screw you, asshole! I'm a macaque, not a monkey. But thanks for the banana!