Friday night, we headed back to the hotel after the festivities at Doc’s and then headed out to more shows.  Highlight #1: Terry Poison.  They kicked even more ass than at CMJ.  Spill was packed and a whole new generation of American hip-hop fans had their electrodance cherries popped by this international ensemble of Madonnas-in-training.  Highlight #2: Little Brazil.  Unfortunately, I was late to that show because I wasn’t about to miss a minute of Terry Poison, but they brought down the house with selections from their new album “Son”.  It was nice to see a large Omaha delegation in attendance as well.

Terry Poison, Terry Terry Poison!!!

Little Brazil

Saturday was our biggest day of the trip, with two shows including our official one at Mi Casa Cantina.  For better or worse, an arctic blast gripped Texas that day, creating temperatures in the low 40s with high winds.  All of this served to take much of the glamour out of the supposedly warm-weather SXSW experience and may have kept a lot of people at home, but we took it all in stride and had a couple more fantastic shows.

The afternoon show was at Lovey’s Loot, a vintage boutique in northwest Austin.  It was originally planned to be an all-day entertainment extragavanza in the parking lot, but the weather caused things to be relocated into Lovey’s new art space directly adjacent to the main store.  Overall, though, the show was a great success.  The sizable crowd on hand was pretty into our set and they absolutely loved It’s True, who shared the bill with us.  In between TP and IT was an interlude of bellydancers from the Desert Passion belly dance troupe.  I must admit that this was my first time experiencing the art of live bellydance, and I have to say that it was most impressive.  Those ladies are no joke!

After Lovey’s Loot, we headed straight down to Mi Casa Cantina for our official show.  Being the geniuses we are, we left our load-in pass at the hotel and had no time to retrieve it, so after being booted from our designated loading zone by the Austin Parking & Loading Police, we found a nice spot about a half-block away from the venue and schlepped our gear into the back of the venue.  We were on first, which meant we were last to sound check.  It worked out well, though, because we were able to go right into our set without having to do any teardown in between.  We played a pretty decent rendition of the set, and all was well.

Thunder Power's SXSW debut at Mi Casa Cantina

Kacynna and Alex at Mi Casa

After the show, Will, Jeremy, and I headed down to the Victorian Room at the Driskill Hotel and caught the set of Wave Machines, another of our favorite bands.  There’s not much to say about them other than they are absolutely incredible.  Their live show is amazing and inspired us to step things up a notch with our own live show.  Will posted their video in an entry in this very blog last week, so please do check that out.  Otherwise, you’ll never know just how much you’re missing.

Wave Machines at the Victorian Room

Wave Machines frontman Ringo Starr III

True to form, the next day we endured a 16-hour drive-a-thon that included lots of traffic congestion due to construction on I-35 in Oklahoma, a wrong turn/detour, and lots of gas station food.  We didn’t even have time to sit down at a truck stop restaurant for a decent chicken fried steak.  We have now managed to get back on our normal sleeping scheduled and can be considered to be fully recovered (except for the fact that I’m writing this at 1:30 on a Wednesday morning.)  Well, anyway, we hope to see you tomorrow (tonight), Wednesday, March 31st at the PS Collective.  We’re doing another show with Cleemann, who we met at last year’s Nebraska Pop Festival.  The dude is incredible and is on tour from his native Denmark, so come on down and check it out.