Well, ladies and germs, our big SXSW trip is finally almost here!  Unfortunately, as we all remember from, say, the countdown to Christmas in our formative years, the last days are the most agonizing.  We’re having trouble keeping ourselves from peeing our pantaloons out of sheer excitement.  Oh well, only 11 more days ’till we hit the road for Lawrence and then Denton and Austin.

In the meantime, we’ve been working hard fine-tuning our new tunes and polishing the oldies-but-goodies.  The song using the electronic tanpura has been titled “Make Up Your Mind” and is sounding groovy as hell, and “Your Pretty Face”, another new one, is pretty solid as well.  “Two Fins” is the third in our trio of the newest of the new, and it is dreamy but intense in evil ways that your mother told you never to even think about.   What the fuck does that even mean, you ask?  Well, it opens our new setlist and you’ll have to come to one of the following shows to find out:

  • Sunday 3/7, O’Leaver’s Pub, Omaha
  • Friday 3/12, The Replay, Lawrence
  • Sunday 3/14, NX35 @ Jupiter House Coffee, Denton
  • Tuesday 3/16, The Parlor, Austin
  • Saturday 3/20, Lovey’s Loot, Austin (afternoon show)
  • Saturday 3/20, SXSW @ Mi Casa Cantina, Austin

Thunder Power Saturday 3/20 @ Mi Casa Cantina