Last Saturday, Alex and I set out to find a nice backup guitar for me. You see, I plagued myself by writing “Take a Hike” in an alternate tuning (well, just drop-D) that also requires a capo. This leads to some massive tuning issues and thus wastes time on stage.

Who likes awkward pauses? If you’ve ever seen us live, it might appear that we do, but we really don’t.

So, to make the live show run as smooth as possible, I had it in my mind that I’d pick up a Mexican-made Stratocaster or Telecaster to keep in permanent “Take a Hike” tuning. I was thinking a Mexican Fender because I wanted something ¬†relatively cheap but of good quality. Anyway, we hit up Lidgett Music in Council Bluffs and wound up holing up there for, like, four hours! I played many guitars and wound up walking out of there with a brand new American Special Telecaster. I went a few hundred dollars north of my price range, for sure.

Olympic White American Special Telecaster

But I know in the long run I’ll be more than happy with my new Tele, which has since fell into the role of being my “main guitar,” leaving my lovely Gibson SG capo-gagged and oddly tuned for the sole purpose of playing “Take a Hike.”

It’s a little sad.

For nerdy purposes, here are some specs on my new tele:

-Alder body
-Maple neck
-Gloss Urethane finish
-Jumbo frets
-Vintage-style three-brass-saddle strings-through-body Telecaster bridge