Under the Radar, or I guess I should more specifically say undertheradarmag.com, offered a few kind words about our latest single, “Heartifact.”

Check out what they wrote:

“Omaha indie-pop quintet Thunder Power are set to release their fourth EP via Slumber Party Records on March 2nd. The promisng band will split the Hearts Intersect EP with the Toledo-based outfit, The 1959 Hat Co. Today we’ve got the premiere of the sunny rocker “Heartifact.” Check out the soulful twee-pop cut above. Fact: you’ll be humming its main melody throughout the day. Tour dates can be found here. Also, TP recently stopped by the Daytrotter studio for a session.”

Thanks, UtR, for pumping our “soulful twee-pop.” Oh yeah, that’s probably going right to the press quotes bin.

Click here for a link to the blurb.