As the year draws to a close, let’s take a look back on all the happenings in the life of Thunder Power in 2009.

Things got off to a wacky start with a goofy trip to Kansas in January.  We got crunk with Cowboy Indian Bear in Lawrence and then moved on to Matt’s hometown of Wichita where we played in a strangely amazing venue with D.L. Diedrich and stayed in a hotel named for the one and only Wesley Willis.

Partyville, USA

Irresistible Allergens

C.R.E.A.M. in Wichita

Kirby's...nacho typical rock club.


Then in February, we journeyed to Rock Island, Illinois where we recorded a Daytrotter session and did a show at RIBCO with Kaiser Cartel.  We also had a little bit too much fun at the Isle of Capri Casino along the way.  Shortly after that, we released “Friend Ships“, a split EP with our great friend Alessi, AKA Alessi’s Ark, from London.

The ThunderFriends...our superhero alter-egos

In the Daytrotter studio

The Mississippi River as seen from Isle of Capri

Matt found a way to beat the house






Thunder Power and the dear Alessi

Friend Ships cover art







The Spring months brought Thunder Power on a few more Midwestern mini-tours, including stops in Vermillion, SD with Cloud Dog and Madison, WI with Icarus Himself.   We also released a brand-new song entitled “Balloons” on Birdsongs, Beesongs, Volume B, which is a compilation put together by Norwegian netlabel Eardrums Pop.  You can download the whole thing here.  There is a shit-ton of great music on it so you may as well do it.  It’s free, after all.  We also had the pleasure of being featured on Mixed Tape 26.

Birdsongs, Beesongs cover art

Being in a band is never easy, at least not being in a sucessful band.  You have to work your ass off for everything you get.  Booking a tour is no exception, we found out, as we spent the next month or two feverishly self-booking our first full-length national-scale tour.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of trying it yourself, TRUST US…it ain’t easy, but once you string it all together and get out on the road, it sure is rewarding.  We met tons of great people who showed us hospitality and shared our creative vision, and to this day we continue to trade shows and collaborate with many of the new friends we made.  Our dates were as follows:

 06/12/09 St. Paul, MN               Eclipse Records w/Seymore Saves the World, Kill-Me Karebare, & Andy Ulseth
 06/13/09 Milwaukee, WI          Stonefly Brewing Company w/Desi Almighty & The Candeliers
 06/14/09 Chicago, IL                 Ronny’s w/The Tinycakes & I Luv Luv Birds
 06/16/09 Toledo, OH                 Frankie’s Inner-City w/The 1959 Hat Company
 06/18/09 Jamestown, NY        Labyrinth Press Company w/Jaggery
 06/18/09 Jamestown, NY        Mojo’s w/Jaggery & Lato
 06/19/09 Brooklyn, NY            NYC Taper Presents @ Monster Island Basement w/The Rest, El Jezel, Coyote Eyes
 06/21/09 New Brunswick, NJ Slumberland w/When I Was 12, Mr. Miyagi, Ethan, & many more
 06/22/09 Brooklyn, NY            Monkey Town w/Patrick Bower & DPONY
 06/23/09 Richmond, VA          The Camel w/The Moderate & Lubec
 06/24/09 Columbus, OH           Circus w/Country Death & Monolithic Cloud Parade
 06/25/09 Cincinnati, OH           Blue Rock Tavern w/Rodent Emporium, Spodie, Alumni Club, & Lights Out
 06/26/09 Carbondale, IL          Booby’s w/Nighty Night & The Hathaways
 06/27/09 Kansas City, MO       Czar Bar w/The Tambourine Club


The NYCTaper show was recorded live and is available for download here



Thunder Power owns the big water

Even after all those weeks on the road (all 2 of ’em), we were still oozing enthusiasm and ready to keep moving on to bigger and better things.  The rest of the summer and fall brought us to a number of festival-type deals in Omaha and Lincoln, including the first-ever Nebraska Pop Festival in August and Lincoln Calling in October.

Nebraska Pop Festival flyer

 Then came another big adventure in the Thunder Van…the CMJ Music Marathon!  We were very honored and excited to be invited to the festival, and, despite the long hours there and back in the van, we had a fantastic time and learned more about the music industry in four days than most people will learn in a lifetime.  We played two shows there, our official showcase at Pete’s Candy Store as well as the NYCTaper day party at Bruar Falls, both of which are fine venues in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Having all-access artist passes was pretty great because they allowed us to get in to any show we wanted for free.  Not a bad deal at all.  Prior to our CMJ trip, Thunder Power parted ways with our long-time drummer Jason Koba, but thankfully we were able to find a most capable replacement.  Boz Hicks, drummer extraordinaire and man-about-town stepped in and helped us kick maximum ass in NYC.

CMJ Showcase at Pete's Candy Store

Pete's again


Hot times in the big city

Been there before, guys?


After CMJ, we began to work in earnest on our new set and to finalize the details on our next couple of releases.  In February, we will be releasing “Take a Hike” as a maxi-single in the UK on Mono Music, which will pave the way for a European release of “Love Youself”, which will include a few bonus tracks not found on the stateside edition.  We will also be releasing a digital/vinyl split EP with The 1959 Hat Company from Toledo, which will be released in early 2010 on Slumber Party Records.   These will be followed by our debut full-length later in 2010.  We were also excited to be among the first bands selected for SXSW ’10.  Austin, here we come!!!

We hope your year has been as fun-filled and productive as ours has been!  Hope your Christmas was merry and your New Year will be grand!