Recently, Thunder Power did an interview with Two Pandas, an online music magazine based in Kansas City.  After an intense session filled with pointed questions and much soul-searching, a gem of an interview was born.  In the process, we learned things about ourselves that we had never even realized before.  You can view the whole thing at or view some excerpts below.

our interviewers

TP: What is the story behind the name?

T.Pow.: Legend has it that one night Jason and Matt were making merry on Jason’s porch and one of them thought it would be funny to call the then-experimental wuss pop project “Thunder Power.” After a few practices, though, they thought they needed to quit fooling around and come up with a serious name so they decided they would instead call the band Feelings In The Night. However, at their first show under that name, someone called them pretentious toolbags so they decided that they were better off as Thunder Power. The name has stuck with us ever since.

TP: What has been your favorite city (Omaha) to play in so far?

T.Pow.: We’ve had a couple favorites. Lawrence, Kansas is always great, as is Carbondale, Illinois. We did a show in St. Joseph, Missouri once and were totally surprised when we had one of the most fun nights ever! We also did a show in the resort town of Quimgusset, Rhode Island last summer with this band called Tranny Package and, well…we better stop here since this is a family publication.

Visit to read the interview in full.