On the bittersweet occasion of Matt’s last official practice with Thunder Power, Mr. Hutton had the foresight to bring along a digital recording apparatus so as to archive the proceedings for posterity.  You can take a listen at lofishowcase.wordpress.com, his new blog dedicated to preserving and presenting live music from Bloomington and elsewhere.

In other news, practice on Sunday night was fruitful but not particularly exciting.  We may potentially be recording Bite Marks in the next couple of weeks, so we worked on that one with the Motif’s capabilities in mind.  Our plan for this Wednesday and Thursday is to hit the new tunes hard.  More to come later this week.


PS…I now realize that Will already blogged about this.  He made fun of me for checking this blog too much, so I haven’t checked it in the last day or so.  Therefore, I was unaware of his post from yesterday.  Nonetheless, I thought you might be interested to see two takes on the same event, so here you go.  Knock yourselves out.