Matt, who has since relocated to Bloomington, Indiana (we miss you!), recorded a band practice of ours last November. You can download several tracks over at Matt’s new blog, Lo-Fi Showcase. Technically speaking, things stayed true to a low fidelity format, as he used an LG PC microphone “haphazardly shoved into a carpet, in the ceiling … using audacity and a lot of moxy.” It sounds surprisingly loose and unpolished. And good.

It’s also worth noting that these are a last, accurate representation of several tracks that either a) won’t be played again or b) will be reworked in accordance with our new lineup. So throw it in your TP archive (as if anyone has one of those aside from Matt and me).

Here’s a link:

Anyway, it’s almost time for practice, so I’d better put away the old MacBook. Check back soon for more posts and an exposé on the snowfort Kacynna is building in front of our Omaha abode.