Today was the big day!  My Yamaha Motif ES6 was finally delivered after being held up for an extra day on account of the blizzard conditions that have recently gripped the Midwest.  According to the tracking number, it took longer than expected for the Motif to make the journey from the Lenexa, KS processing facility here to Omaha, but I do give FedEx a lot of credit for braving the snowy conditions, trundling it up a snowy I-29, and getting it to my front door unscathed. 

The Motif should allow me to completely revamp my approach to live keyboard performance.  As you may know, I have been using a Korg Triton and an Alesis QS7 for the last several years, which is a setup that, while quite versatile,  is extremely clunky to set up and transport to venues.   The Motif’s ability to create zones on the keyboard and assign different sounds to each will allow me to move to only one synth when playing live, which will greatly reduce my setup time and the amount of crap Thunder Power has to haul around while on the road.  I decided to go with the Motif primarily because my friend Mike already had a Motif XS8, so he was able to show me around the thing.  It is nice to have an experienced technical tutor only a phone call away, because the Motif is a highly complex machine which takes some learning to be able to effectively navigate.

In other news, Alex wasn’t able to make it to practice because of poor road conditions, and Boz had to work tonight, so things were somewhat shorthanded with only Will, Kacynna, and myself present.  However, we still had a really productive practice as I familiarized myself with the Motif and we played some new songs that Will pulled out of his repertoire.  More to come about those soon.

And, last but not least, we posted a brand-new “mix” of Take a Hike on MySpace which we like to call the party mix.  What exactly do we mean by that?  Uh, well…I think you better just go take a listen.