Why is it that Nick at Nite decided that they must show The Nanny every night at midnight ET (11 CT)?  Am I the only one who is losing sleep from getting roped into the show?  For those of us with day jobs, an 11 o’clock bedtime on weeknights is a must, and having such an entertaining show as The Nanny on at 11 creates a situation where if I so much as flip past Nickelodeon when it’s on, I must therefore watch both back-to-back episodes and not get any shuteye until midnight at the earliest.  I function best on eight hours of sleep, and, while seven is acceptable, it’s not ideal. 

the culprit

There is just something about The Nanny that I find intrinsically humorous, and I therefore find myself compelled to watch the remainder of any episode of which I see even a tiny fraction, as well as any subsequent episodes shown immediately thereafter.  Oh well…at least I’ve so far resisted the urge to get hooked on George Lopez too.